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Worksheets to download

You can use these worksheets to provide opportunities for your learner to practice his or her reading, writing, and math skills while strengthening their financial literacy.

Choose the one(s) that best fit your learner’s current needs or interests. Check back soon as more worksheets are being added based on tutors’ feedback.  Please send us your suggestions too!


Budgeting & Saving

In addition to the Start Saving Now workbook, use these worksheets:



  • How to Read a Check shows the information printed on a check and what it means. 
  • How to Write a Check shows what information the check writer must fill in on a check.  Use this to teach how to write a check.  Then give your learner an opportunity to practice on blank checks by downloading Check Writing Practice.
  • Keeping a Check Register shows how to track checks written.  It includes an opportunity to practice.  Your learner will enter new information to the register, add or subtract the amounts and determine the new check account balance.
  • Check writing tips and Number Card includes a few tips to remember when writing checks and a list of number words written out.  The list can be cut out and kept in a check book for easy reference when writing checks.
  • Choosing a Bank can be used to compare services among banks.   Compare banking fees, interest rates and minimum requirements to decide which bank is best .